About Us

Concrete Busters of Louisiana is a full-service demolition corporation serving Louisiana and the entire Gulf South. We pride ourselves with safety as being the start to our success.

Founded in 1978 by Tiger Roussell, Concrete Busters has grown beyond mere concrete demolition to become the premier demolition experts in the region. It all started with two simple, yet innovative ideas for the demolition industry. The first was to attach an air-operated jackhammer to the bucket of a Bobcat, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of time it took to get the job done. The second was to bid demolition projects with a formula that gave the customer a set price before work was begun rather than a rough estimate of time and materials charges as was the industry standard at the time. In this way, customers, especially general contractors, were able to better budget their projects.

Over time, Concrete Busters grew from tackling the buckling driveways and sidewalks of New Orleans to specializing in demolition projects of all kinds. Each project presents its own unique set of concerns. We still pride ourselves on working hand in hand with our customers to achieve their goals.

With a philosophy rooted in excellent customer service and satisfaction, Concrete Busters is dedicated to ensuring that every project we undertake, either as a general contractor or a sub, is completed to the highest standards. It is important to us that our job, our approach to that job, and our employees and staff come together on each project so as to be one less area of concern for our customers.

By utilizing our large fleet of equipment and breakers, Concrete Busters has been able to tackle some of the most challenging demolition projects in our area.

For all of your demolition needs, including the busting of concrete, contact us.